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Welcome to First Expressions!

Serving Lafayette and the West-Central Indiana region, First Expressions is the only local business offering a much-desired combination of Birth Photography, Birth Doula Services, and a tie-savvy CLC (currently completing IBCLE certification for Lactation Consultants) all in one spot. With our core values centered around education, empowerment, and growth, First Expressions prides itself on supporting expecting and postpartum families through their transition into parenthood and beyond.


When preparing to give birth or breastfeed a newborn, education is essential. By knowing what you will see, feel, hear, smell, and experience, fear is eliminated. Fear happens when we aren't sure what we are doing, don't know what to expect, or aren't confident in our abilities. With the right preparation, planning, and education, fear never has to take up space in a birthing room or between a breastfeeding dyad. And when I say education, I am not talking about the basic hospital birth and breastfeeding class type of education... I am talking about the stuff they don' t tell you. The things everyone asks when it's all said and done "Why didn't anyone mention this part?"or "Why don't they teach you this?" I've got you. You're going to be given the tools needed to trust your body, your baby, and have the birth and feeding journey you've envisioned.


What goes hand in hand with education? EMPOWERMENT. Let's create a space where you will not only know what to expect, but FEEL your power, TRUST your body, and have the ability to utilize the skills you've learned as you bring life into this world. YOU are in control of your labor, delivery, and feeding journey. It's YOUR story to write. I am here as a guide to change the scary narratives of cold streamlined hospital births and promote an environment of courage through owning your birth, your body, and your wellbeing. .


Last, but not least, what happens after we have learned what to expect and how to handle what is thrown at us and allowed ourselves to trust the process and our bodies? We GROW. We grow into a force of power we didn't even realize existed. We grow from a newly postpartum mama full of fears and questions into a seasoned expert who wonders why they ever felt so scared. We grow into a parent that can confidently give answers to less experienced mothers when they are feeling lost. WE are the change. Growth has a ripple effect. Imagine a world where our own personal journey and growth has positively impacted another family's journey so much, that they are then able to go on and help someone find education, empowerment, and growth. Now THAT is a world where I want to raise my children.

Hey! I'm Sienna!

Yes, Like the minivan.

After 5 pregnancies resulting in 4 children, over 72 months spent breastfeeding, and a few years in the depths of Postpartum Depression, I found, and quite frankly, grabbed by the balls, my life's passion and calling. Having the ability to help other mothers, families, and babies through the difficulties of pregnancy, postpartum, and parenthood gives me confidence that I can help guide them to success as they enter this new chapter of life.

Commonly ask Questions

What are some common issues or concerns that lactation consultants can address?

A.As a Certified Lactation Counselor CLC, (and soon to be IBCLE certified), I am able to counsel feeding dyads through questions and complications relating to:
-Milk Supply
-Nipple Pain
-Evaluation of Tethered Oral Tissues (Tongue/Lip Ties)
-Pre and Post Frenectomy Therapies and Guidance
-Weight Gain Concerns
-Clogged Ducts/Mastitis
-Weaning from Nipple Shields
-Supplemental Feeding Systems
-Bottle and Alternative Feeding Methods
and more!

Do you assist with issues related to tongue ties, lip ties, or other oral restrictions?

A.YES! I am a partner in the region's only functional feeding clinic specializing in infant tongue ties, lip ties, and oral dysfunction. I have a specialized Tethered Oral Tissue Certification and work alongside a Speech Language Pathologist specializing in Tethered Oral Tissues and Myofunctional Therapy in my office.

What is a birth doula and what is their role during childbirth?

A.The purpose of a doula is to provide physical and emotional support to the birthing person and their partner before, during, and after childbirth. This includes (but is never limited to):
-Advocating for their desired birth plan and outcome to the medical team
-Educating the partner on how to best support the birther during each unique phase of labor and delivery
-Providing specialized massage, aromatherapy, and acupressure as needed
-Suggesting specific positioning based on where the baby is located to encourage continual progression
-Providing an extra set of hands for other requested tasks.

What are the benefits of having a birth doula present during labor and delivery?

A.Evidence-based research has shown that some of the benefits of having a birth doula present during labor and delivery include:

-Reduced use of Pitocin
-Fewer requests for pain meds
-Reduced likelihood of Ceserean Section
-Higher APGAR scores
-Positively perceived birth experiences
-Improved Postpartum Mental Health
-Decreased anxiety
-Increased Confidence

If you'd like to see a complete list of evidence-based benefits - please reach out and I'd be happy to send it to you!

Why would someone choose to have a birth photographer present during labor and delivery?

A.When a birth photographer is present, it allows the birther and their partner to be completely immersed together in each moment without worry that they will forget what happened and not have any pictures to look back on. So many times we see a dad holding a leg in one hand and a phone in another, trying to capture the action, while simultaneously being present for his wife as she pushes. By eliminating this one small (yet very cumbersome) task during delivery, birth photographers are able to capture the absolute magic and love during birth with no interruptions. Not to mention, the birther is typically so tired and worn out that they simply cannot remember the chain of events during their labor and delivery so having the ability to look back at these images and relive the moments as they unfolded will give a lifetime of memories with each detail captured.

Can a birth photographer accommodate specific requests or preferences regarding the type of images captured?

A.Absolutely! Flash, no flash? Fully 'in the action' images or more conservative angles? I am able to accommodate requests to ensure I am always aligned with your birth preferences and comfort levels. If at any time a family requests for pictures to stop, they will stop. The birther is always in control and I will do my best to ensure all voiced needs are respected and met.